Train Accident Kills More than 30 People in AP, India

By on July 31, 2012

A tragic trained accident happened in Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India has killed 32 onboard passengers and injured many. The train named “Tami Nadu Express” was travelling to Chennai while one of its bogie identified as ‘S11’ caught fire and charred to ashes.

The entire couch said to be burnt completely in about four minutes with reasons for accident being unknown. The railway officers are hinting at a short circuit, while some of them and most of the public believe there’s a conspiracy behind it.

The passengers who survived the mishap jumping out of the moving couch said they heard loud explosions inside seconds before the train caught fire. They also found 3 of four exits of the couch were closed, and those who survived have jumped out from the fourth.

The Chief Minister, Governor and opposition party leaders of Andhra Pradesh expressed their deep sorrow and pledged their support for the deceased families.

This is second such accident happened in recent times where the couch of a train has completely burnt.

And the city of Nellore, where this incident happened has taken a second blow in the time of week as not so long ago, a psycho has killed three of his fellow passengers in a private travel bus.