Samsung Galaxy Note 2 original picture revealed?

By on August 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the successor to the last year’s popular Galaxy Note will be announced on August 29. Samsung has only confirmed the announcement, and didn’t say anything about what will be in the new Galaxy Note 2.

There are many rumors flying around in the internet about the possible Galaxy Note 2 features and specifications.

In this week alone, we have seen two leaked photos of Galaxy Note 2 that gave an impression on how the Note 2 is going to be like. While the two leaked images are still a hot topic among the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fans, another purported Galaxy Note 2 photo appeared in the internet.

‘Know Your Mobile’ has posted a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 picture, calling it a spy shot. So here is what the new Galaxy Note 2 is going to be like!

Photo Credit: KnowYourMobile

The phone looks like it has a 5.5 inch screen, as it looks a bit bigger than the original Galaxy Note.

This photo of Galaxy Note 2 looks quite better than the two versions, as one in them is a rendered image and the other is the front panel (bezel).

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be announced on 29th of August at the IFA event in Berlin. The fans are eagerly waiting to have their hands on the ‘monstrous’ Android phone from Samsung!