Robert Pattinson took Kristen Stewart for a Ring Shopping Prior to Scandal

By on July 29, 2012

The Hollywood hot couple Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart went to Neil Lane, Beverly Hills, to buy a ring three weeks prior to the Kirsten Stewart cheating scandal broke out.

“They looked so much in love. He couldn’t stop staring at her as she tried on gold rings with various exotic coloured diamonds,” the Daily Express has quoted a shop assistant as saying.

The couple reportedly told Neil Lane that they are looking for some unique piece above all the traditional stuff, with a budget around half a million dollars.

The couple also seemed to be great love holding hands, and cuddling while they give some instructions to the designer about their new engagement ring.

Not so long ago Robert has told a magazine that he’s no longer afraid of marriage, and will do anything for Kirsten.

It’s known that the Kristen Stewart and Robbert Pattinson’s three year romance has come to an end, when the photos of Kristen Stewart kissing the ‘Snow White and Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders gone public!