iPhone 5 to miss native YouTube app

By on August 7, 2012

iPhone 5, or any other Apple devices that are set to run on the new iOS 6 are going to miss a native YouTube app that was there since the launch of the first ever iPhone from Apple. Apple has confirmed that it is not including a pre-installed YouTube application in the coming versions of iPhones and iPads. So those who want to browse YouTube on their new iPhone, has to download the YouTube application from the store like any other application.

Apple also removed the ‘Google Maps’ support from the iOS 6, and replaced it with a maps application of its own. With the removal of YouTube application from the core, Apple has sent strong signals to Google that it’s aiming at a ‘Google-free’ environment in its upcoming products.

Google is reportedly working on a YouTube app for the iOS users to give them the smooth YouTube experience.

Apple said the license to use YouTube in the iOS has expired, and asked its customers to continue using YouTube in the Safari browser or download a YouTube application from the store.

Apple’s idea to drop YouTube as a native app has once again shown the rivalry between the two tech giants, believe some tech experts.

Ever since Google has launched the Android operating system, which is so far the most popular and widely used smartphone operating system around the world, the relations between the two companies have been strained.