iPhone 5 knockoff Goophone I5 to sue Apple for patent infringement!

By on September 7, 2012

A Chinese tech company vowed to sue Apple if they release the upcoming iPhone 5 in China, as it says it will be infringe the company’s patent. The company, which named a phone ‘Goophone I5’, has actually made this phone using the leaked photos and specs of the iPhone 5.

Goophone I5 is no more than an iPhone 5 knockoff, with almost same look and feel. The Goophone I5 said to have a quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM and even an 8 megapixel camera! This phone runs on Android operating system with iPhone 5 like user interface, and has literally copied all the speculated iPhone 5 features and specifications.

The company’s even saying that it will sue Apple if it ever tries to release the iPhone 5 in China, as the iPhone 5 will be infringing their Goophone I5 patents!

Looks like the Cupertino based electronic giant is going to have some legal issues to deal with in China ahead of the official iPhone 5 launch.

Apple has won a patent battle against Samsung not too long ago, collecting $1 billion as a penalty. Interestingly, Apple lost similar patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung in countries like South Korea and Japan.

We have to wait and see what the ‘Goophone I5′ makers are going to do in the days to come! But thanks to the media and its hype, the $300 worth Goophone I5 has bagged some quick and free publicity!