Anna Hazare, the famous Indian anti-corruption activist to start a political party

By on August 3, 2012

Anna Hazare, who is supported by millions of Indians in his ‘hunger strike’ to get a constitutional bill that helps control ever growing corruption in India, is now gearing up to launch a political part of his own.

Anna Hazare has started a hunger strike again very recently asking the government and the ruling party Congress to bring bills that control and eradicate the corruption in all levels of the society.

Anna Hazare today ended his 9 day fast and said he will be fighting the corruption in a parliamentary way .i.e. contesting elections.

The Team Anna seems to be confident about winning the elections with Anna Hazare charisma and popularity among the educated and younger sections of the society.

However, the ‘political’ move from Anna Hazare isn’t welcomed by many political parties in the country, saying he should continue fighting for people as a social activist.

The Anna Hazare political party news has got mixed response with some supporting and some not.